Everything Everything movie happens to be a great movie

Everything Everything....

Well everything isn't everything in this movie ;D

The cast was lit ASF !!!
I foresee multiple awards for this film this year and more to come.
The filming was wonderful,scenery was perfect, the soundtracks were nothing less than I had expected.

*Please if you're watching this ensure it's in high definition (HD/1080p/blueray)* under no condition should you watch. CAM of T

In summary, it was worth every minute.
I actually watched this movie because of anika ...I like her ;D

Where do I start from?
It's the same old "sick, about die homo sapien" going head over hills for another human ;D

The lead actress maddy (real name-amandla) is sooo pretty,damn!!!
I'm just wondering why chicks like that don't come my way !!

I won't drop too much spoilers
The mum's a doctor who's a bit too clingy(Mild version of Norma bates from Bates motel ;D )
Her daughter,whose been diagnosed with SCID can't leave the house because of her weak/fragile immune system.

She falls in love*blushes* with this new guy who takes it upon himself to ...I don't know ;D 

Just go watch the freaking movie.
Its quite similar to a lot of movies though.


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