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Jessie reyez Figures sounds alot like Bourellys ego

Really don't know what to say though,I'm taking she's a fan of bourelly.
The track sound awfully similar, probably most songs sound the same,but this track is an exception. The least Jessie could have done was to add cover at the title

Everything Everything movie happens to be a great movie

Everything Everything....Well everything isn't everything in this movie ;D The cast was lit ASF !!!
I foresee multiple awards for this film this year and more to come.
The filming was wonderful,scenery was perfect, the soundtracks were nothing less than I had expected.*Please if you're watching this ensure it's in high definition (HD/1080p/blueray)* under no condition should you watch. CAM of TIn summary, it was worth every minute.
I actually watched this movie because of anika ...I like her ;DWhere do I start from?
It's the same old "sick, about die homo sapien" going head over hills for another human ;DThe lead actress maddy (real name-amandla) is sooo pretty,damn!!!
I'm just wondering why chicks like that don't come my way !!I won't drop too much spoilers
The mum's a doctor who's a bit too clingy(Mild version of Norma bates from Bates motel ;D )
Her daughter,whose been diagnosed with SCID can't leave the house because of her weak/…

Bates motel Season 1 review

Bates motel Season 1 was perfectly written and acted.
Norma bates (conjuring lead actress) moves to a town where she believes she can find solace in but it turns out that solace won't find her.The series clearly shows the trials and tribulations of a psychotic son and a clingy mom,in a small community with creeps.There hasn't been any psychotic weird ass kid like Norma in all my life of watching TV shows.The fact that he took on the role and perfected it is what is astonishing although the storyline might seem stale or over flogged probably because of the newer TV shows that are being released with a somewhat similar plot.

How good is the outlander tv series


How to search for an image on google

You might have downloaded a picture (legally or illegally).. and you're probably wondering the source of the image or who are the persons on it.Google's got you covered with the reverse image tool,the tool can be used in android if you're viewing the desktop version of google.Simply click the image and upload,then search results will be displayed to you.

T.V shows you must have Watched before 2018

Action/Crime: Strike back, The blacklist, designated survivor , six, 24, Crisis, prison break, Hawaii-five o, shooter,Ncis, into the badlands,homeland,The wire,the shield,without a trace, Narcos, Peaky blinders,Flash, Gotham,Arrow,Agents of shield,The defendersDetective related TV shows:Foyles war,True detective,
Bones,Criminal minds,Monk,Poirot,The mentalist
The killing
The fall
Top of the lake
Broad church
The following
True detective
Happy valley
24Drama: Power, American crime story, handmaids tale,Big little lies , Mr robot,Empire,Star
Legal: suits, billions, white collar, the good wife, htgawmComedy: The good place, Carmichael show, undateable, black-ish,silicon valley,The Mick,Every body hates Chris, How I met your mother.
Master of none,catastrophe, fleabag,lovesick,Brooklyn nine-nine,the mickHistorical: The last kingdom, Peaky blinders,Vikings, The Borgia's ,Rome,boardwalk empire,
Wolf hall
War and peace
The tudors
Medici: Masters of Florence,Black s…