Similarities between Peaky blinders and boardwalk's empire

Peaky blinders and boardwalk empire are
somewhat similar with nearly the same time setting.
The two TV series are great shows but don't watch them with your kids 😁.

Peaky blinders has awesome scenery due to the chunk of cash budgeted for it,with great actors like cilian Murphy,tom hardy(TBH ,he's Overrated😕 )
The show doesn't have as many episodes as boardwalk's empire,which makes it more than capable of hitting the nail on the head for each season.

So I will highlight some similarities the two shows have

*Spoiler alert*
1) Beer/Alcohol business 🍻
2)A frustrated cop who ends up having sex to console himself.
3) Political influence
4) Gambling joint.
5)The Cat house
6)A Women's march
7)Racial discrimination

Boardwalk empire seemed to have been dragged for a while,issues that an episode or two would do justice to could nearly take up the whole season.
Although boardwalk's actors and actresses are A grade,the show is a 9/10 for me.


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