Movies or TV shows with Historical plot

I'm an avid supporter of historical TV series,I can spend all my cash on anything that portrays history,and

I'm Nigerian I also value our historical movies like October 1,HALF of a yellow sun and 73 amongst an awful pile of movies from Nigeria,but there's this feeling I get when I watch anything historical I mean I just can't explain it.

It probably started when I watched TV shows like foyles war and Agatha cristys poirot those shows were epic!! My dad purchased the DVDS,so I loved them, my sisters and my mom would often wonder why I loved those shows.
They said my dad would watch them whenever he wanted to sleep cos he knew they were so boring πŸ˜‚

To be honest most historical shows can be a bit of a drag... So I often relax,read a book or just sleep then comeback to the show cos it's damn awesome!!!

Here's a list of shows I've watched

1)The last kingdom (explicit content contained)
2)Peaky blinders (explicit content contained)
3)The Borgia's (explicit content contained)
4)Boardwalks empire (explicit content contained)
5)Foyles war
6)The crown(but I didn't get the point)
7)Taboo (it wasn't worth the hype πŸ˜‘)
8)Rome (As old as this show is,they were still able to deliver,but I'm no longer watching though I'll return,explicit content contained)

9)Stranger things (Yes!! Stranger things,Cos you just can't get any 80's sci-fi better than this)

other shows not worthy of mention
Spartacus,Game of thrones,harlots(is it me or people just love these shows cos of the explicit content)


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