How provocative is Lucifer TV series

Satan has a British accent and has a crush on someone😂😯.  *Spoiler alert*

Lucifer TV series is one of the greatest
shows out there with an A grade acting form the guy who portrays Lucifer but hold on 😁.

These guys are making Satan look like the good guy,damn !!! The show was just forking addictive I had to stop it,I mean it's literally the best you'll see on TV but the creators made a huge mistake with the plot,I'm so sad!!! I had to stop watching the show I stopped at the third episode cos i didn't feel comfortable watching it.

If only they could change the title or the plot,the ratings would have been reaching the roof top!!!!

Although the ratings is pretty neat,probably because of atheists.
I fear the show might be cancelled like Dominion, Zero hour and Da Vinci's demons, cos of the controversial contents of the shows.
One of the easiest ways to draw someone's attention to a biblical story is by adding a twist to it.I guess they're going to loose an awful lot of Christians due to the storyline.


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