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Seo analysis from my perspective part 1

S.e.o is an abbreviation for search engine optimization, in this post I'll be explaining some optimization techniques that I'm currently taking to source for genuine traffic.
Firstly I believe that there are two categories of For seo

On page Off page
The on page seo is quite simple.
Firstly you'll need quality contents.Figure out your niche.
There are many persons out there that are solel depending on their blogsas I write this,it is nearly impossible to earn with an entertainment blog,kindly pick a niche that hasn't been over flogged.
Well i believe On page seo is divided into two White hat seoBlack hat seo White hat seo are the search engine approved techniques for better ranking.
They include the quality contents that u earlier stressed on (writers van be gotten on fiverr)
2)Back links
3)Social media promotions (not really for rank) just for traffic.
To me content isn't king!!,but part of an empire.
Back links acquisition is no joke!!, search engines rank sites with qualit…