12 pros and cons of being a blogger in 2016

10 Pros and cons of blogging
There's a difference between blogging and typing.
Blogging has its ups and downs,today I'll be sharing 10 advantages and 10 disadvantages of blogging

1) Blogging makes you More skilled in HTML
At first when I started creating a blog,I was out of ideas,the platform I used was not blogger or wordpress,it required me,a blogger to be well cooked in HTML codes,now using blogger to create a blog will actually need you know a lot about HTML codes that can help you customize your blog.Google helped me a lot so make the search engine your friend.

2)You'll become a better author;
When blogging you'll be forced to improve your diction in other to increase your traffic, and expand tour knowledge of keywords.Actually blogging made my english grades higher,how? I decided to make my dictionary and Google my friend,especially while I owned a blog for novels.

3)Increase in clients :
If you own a blog niche for your business,you'll probably see an upsurge in clents.With the right Search engine Optimization techniques, you'll see your blog soaring among top sites.This doesn't happen over night it might take a year or or 2 to get sustainable amount of clients.

4) Motivation;
There are readers out there that are depressed or down cast your blog could serve as something to inspire them,if you own a tech blog,once in a while you could share your experiences like I'm doing now.

5) A source of income; ohh my,actually this is the major reason why people create blogs.They see other bloggers sharing payment proofs of their earnings,and they become elated to join the money making scheme..Hey!!! it probably took 3 damn years to get that much earnings from your blog.it ain't all about the money.

6)Expression; Blogs are diaries,you use them as a way of expressing yourself,when you're expressing yourself what do you do,you gossip (entertainment blogs'), you share your distresses like there's someone out there.If you're an introvert this could be a key to becoming an extrovert.

7) Blogging is not GEO specific;
Unlike your average day job,blogging isn't dependent on your location.You don't need to travel to another country or a state to blog,you can make blog posts anywhere.

8)Blogs contain Guides concerning our daily activities;
Yes they provide guides,preparing various dishes,PC/mobile phones troubleshooting,fashion tips(do's and dont's when it comes to clothing) and also

9)Creating awareness; most blogs are used to create awareness on various issues that are trending,people use search engines to get information,you never might know,someday your blog could help as much as a thousand persons.

10)Development of photography and videography skills;
Blog posts often contain images and videos,when generating your own contents you'll be required add your own images of various events that's you're covering on your blog posts, You probably never knew that you were good in photography,or video making this could be a great avenue for discovering a whole new career choice.

10 cons/disadvantages of blogging
1)Platforms; Picking the right platform to blog could be a real pain in the a**.I spent well over 3 years on some platform(wapka)only to discover that it is not Google friendly when it comes to crawling forum posts,so imaginge the stress I've gone through.Now I'm using WordPress and blogger.

2) Technical glitches/server problems; So you're at home relaxing,probably thinking your AdSense ads are fetching you huge chunk of cash,then you go to sleep, in waking up you discover your site has been attacked by a virus or a serious server problem coming from the host.Damn!! bro your blood pressure could skyrocket .. especially when you just started earning from the blog.

3)Creativity; The issue of quality contents cannot be over flogged,most persons get tired of cracking their brains for articles,leading to a loss of interest after a period of time.

4)Patience; I waited for 3 years before I could get a dollar,I doubt if there are people out there that can be that patient.After a long period of posting,you'll definitely be eager to see yeild.

5)The issue of illness;
When you're sick,what in the world will happen to your blog,you'll be forced to pay someone to run it in your absence

6) Introvert alert!!; you'll Definitely will be an anti-social,because full time blogging is not a joke!! there's no time for any other fun activity.

Hope you enjoyed this article?


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