How to use the social media to increase traffic

Hello readers,today I'll be discussing the various ways you can drive traffic to your blog using the social media.
Firstly I'll like to iron out some myths that have been circulating.
  • The social media is strictly meant for driving traffic to your blog,let no "S.E.O Expert" tell you otherwise.
  • Social media doesn't provide backlinks,so stop littering those platforms with your links.
  • Social media cannot be used to increase your rankings,they only make your links a bit more trustworthy by search engines.

When blogging,you're expected to have a social media presence for the brand that you're trying to present to the public,that way,you'll be able to get new blog readers and a larger audience for your blog posts.
From my perspective i believe there are 5 ways by which this is possible.
1) Sharing posts from blog to Facebook 
This has been abused by earlier bloggers.if you visit most groups today,you'll discover that the first three pages do not contain any post related to the group title.Ill advise you to spend less time on groups that do not have high feedback from the members.

2)Promoting through facebook and twitter ads;
You can promote your website by visiting your facebook page and clicking promote website,or placing ads on twitter

3)Paid promotions;
You can pay various facebook page owners or twitter users for retweets or simply buy an account from a user.

4)Sharing on google+ ;
Share posts to your friends or acquittances,famjly.I'll advice that you share to public.

5)Forums; Its also a olatform that i can never getvtired of using,forums/communities like xda,nairaland,reddit and digital point are steady sources of genuine traffic to your blog.
Hope you found this piece an interesting read,your comments would be appreciated.


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